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Everdure Brigadier Portable



Everdure’s range of radiant/convection heaters are the perfect heating choice.  With such a long history of product reliability in the market you can’t go wrong with an Everdure Brigdier.  The Brigadier is available in a number of colour options to suit your home and heating large open plan areas up to 90m2


Product Description

Radiant/Convection Heating:
The radiant panel heats objects in the room, including people, and the convection fan blows warm air to every corner of the room.
Powerful Heating:
With 25MJ of power the Brigadier can heat up to 90m2, suitable for large open plan areas.
Safety Tip Over Switch:
The heater will automatically shut off if it tips over for any reason, giving you peace of mind.
Oxygen Depletion Sensor:
The heater monitors the level of oxygen in the room and if the level becomes low, the heater will automatically shut off so the oxygen level can restore itself.
Flame Failure Shut Off:
If the flame goes out, the gas will shut itself off, so there are no dangerous gas leaks
Operation In A Black Out:
The radiant panels can be manually lit, so during a blackout you are still able to use the heater.
Easy Cleaning:
The front grill is removable, so you are easily able to open the heater and wipe or vacuum dust that accumulates inside.
Push Button Control:
Push buttons on the top of the heater are easily accessible and make controlling the heater a breeze.
3 year warranty for peace of mind.
Australian Made
Made using high quality Australian standards whilst keeping jobs in Australia.




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