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Turbo Heat

Ducted Wood Heating

  • Turboheat is a ducted fluing system. Turboheat captures the un-used heat which is generated off the flue pipe and heater then ducts it throughtout your house.

  • To heat a house you need a heating element.  The most efficient heating element is the inner flue pipe, (which exhausts the smoke out of the firebox).  This flue pipe gets extremely hot very quickly because the heat from the fire is moving through it.  To capture this “free heat” we at Turboheat have developed our own flue kit and heat exchanger system.

  • This system harnesses this radiant heat.  The heat exchanger captures & controls this heat, distributing it as needed throughout the home

  • Turboheats fully automated electronic system, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the comfort turboheat brings to your home and family.


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